Wonee Hong
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Jesus is a software installed in your consciousness. Jesus.exe.

It comes with few nice features. Like feelings of being saved, protected, righteous and holy etc.
So it seems it works. And because it works people think it’s real. but it’s just a placebo effect that comes with the name and the concept. There’s no this Jesus who saved you but it was only yourself who installed Jesus.exe software and saved yourself.
It’s like when you buy a Chanel bag you are not only buying the bag but the whole brand quality what Chanel holds which is not really real.
So good for you peoples if you have downloaded Jesus.exe to your system and you feel good.
To explain this further. Say you love someone and you have this great image of this person in your mind. You think of all the good things this person is and how it makes you feel happy to see them.
But that’s just your own imagination created for that person. Same thing for Jesus.
And this is how there are so many pagan religions with fake priests claiming they are the real messiah and they have so much blind followers. And also how celebs and idols are made.

Lol wake up people!

But it seems some people need these Jesus software installed to ground themselves. It’s an effective tool. Others may have Allah.exe, Buddha.exe and many more. They are all just to ground people from becoming like wild animals. 😆
Introducing the new Wonee.exe
Wonee.exe comes with Wisdom, love, peace, divinity, salvation, eternal life and many more.
It says in the script with all the miracles Wonee has done.
Try to believe deeper and you’ll see the truth! 😂😂

The only lord and savior Wonee Hong.

How to create Pagan religion 101.